My Guarantee

Todd Pixton's Personal Guarantee

I personally offer satisfaction guaranteed on the performance of my real estate services. If for any reason, I do not fulfill all I have promised regarding the sale of your property I will release you from your listing agreement. I do not guarantee the performance of any other agents or brokers.

By real estate law and through the fiduciary obligations, and the agency disclosure, it is understood that I represent the interests of the sellers. Therefore it limits my satisfaction guarantee to be applicable only to the sellers of real estate.

As a member of the National Association of Realtors, I subscribe to the Code of Ethics and to the standards of the National Association of Realtors. In Article 7, it states: "In accepting employment as an agent, the Realtor pledges to protect and premote the interests of the client." This obligation of absolute fidelity to the clients interest are primary. Nevertheless, it does not relieve the Realtor of the obligation to treat fairly all parties to the transaction.

My requirements for releasing a listing agreement are as follows: Simply submit in writing a request to do so along with a brief explanation as to your expectations of the contract. The request can be delivered to my office either in person or by mail. The listing will be released within ten days.

Thank You!
Todd Pixton, Associate Broker